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Can anyone come? 

Jelly ethos is to be open to anyone. 

Everyone is friendly and welcomes new faces, even if you just wish to pop in for a coffee and a natter or after something specific you need help with,  anyone is welcome to drop in.

How do I get updated with events?

The best place for most up to date information is Facebook. But do sign up for weekly newsletters which have the information for all upcoming Jelly's.

Do I need to book?

The simple answer is no!.. Jelly's are drop in events, no need to book, just turn up, stay for the day, stay for an hour, it is completely up to you and often a great spot if need somewhere between meetings for a coffee.

How can I join the Jelly SW Directory?

Just contact me and I will explain how it works and get you added on.

A great reference guide to find someone to help you and easy place to find someone you may have met at a Jelly too.

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