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Become a Jelly SW Ambassador

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Become an integral part of the Jelly SW tribe

Open Workspace
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Ambassadors Role and Benefits

  • Choosing a suitable venue if you wish to run co-working Jelly's and being responsible for them with Jelly SW support

  • Share stories with other start ups / small businesses

  • Help create business collaborative relationships

  • Available to offer 30 mins free support at mutually agreed times (additional chargeable support can be arranged at your own discretion)

  • Open to run events online / in person under the Jelly SW brand


  • Promotion of your own business.

  • Add articles to the Jelly SW monthly mailout..

  • Option to arrange your own workshops / speakers at a Jelly or online.

  • Listing on ambassador page.

  • Free yearly directory listing on the Jelly SW website

  • Part of an Jelly SW Ambassador tribe, on a what's app group.

  • Access to the social channels for Jelly SW and post appropriately.

  • Contribute blog posts for the website.

  • Through the Ambassador programme you will have the abilty to extend your networking community throughout the South West.

Jelly SW  Values

As an Ambassador you will be responsible to maintain  the Jelly SW values.

  • Free for all to attend any co-working event.

  • Co-working means meeting up with like-minded people to work together in a different environment, to exchange help and advice, and maybe come up with a new idea to collaborate on.

  • Jelly’s differ from networking in that the aim is not to ultimately to find new clients or to just sell yourself or your business.

  • Encourage skill sharing / collaborating with others in the South West.

  • Providing a platform for  starts ups / freelancers / small businesses to offer and benefit  from workshops and providing talks and discussions with others, sharing knowledge and advice.

  •  Creating a freelance/microbusiness community support structure / remove the sense of isolation.

  • Sharing stories and experiences.

  • Open to ‘all’ attitude / ‘give it a go’ attitude for anyone who comes long.

  • Increased mental health by removing  isolation of working alone.

  • Maintaining a reputation of offering a warm welcome to anyone.

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  • Pull up banner provided if running co-working events

  • Editor to the Facebook page.

  • Ambassador logo to website (optional)

  • Support in all areas and overall control by Jelly SW owner.

If you think you would like to become and a Jelly SW Ambassador and find out more,

please contact me directly so we can chat further.

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